Central New Jersey 

 Silver Bullets  

Team UNITED is composed of families from East Brunswick, South River and Spotswood. Our goal is to make the kids not only better players but also better people. We are very fortunate to have found a great group of families.

Team UNITED Fees (based on ‘16-’17 season):

$250        CNJSB Club fees, includes the league registration, carding, referee fees,  port-a-potty fees, field paint, field fees, etc…

$113.50    Uniforms: two kits, one blue(home)  and one white(away) Adidas shirt, shorts with numbers and socks.

$35        As a team we decided to get the boys a hoodie and a practice shirt with their name and number.

$65        8 weeks of winter training once a week for an hour. 8 out of the 10 boys participated in the training.  If all the boys can attend the training,  the amount would decrease.$75        2 one day tournaments. We are looking to participate in another tournament.

Youth Soccer Academy

Team Expectations:

  • Players are expected to attend ALL the practices and games.
  • Players will be expected to give full attention during training sessions and games.
  • Players are expected to always work hard to help improve soccer skills and understanding of the game.
  • It is expected that all players exemplify and demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times and to be respectful to other players, teammates, officials and coaches.
  • Parents are expected to get players to practice and games on time, as well as pick up players timely and if late to practice or a game expected to notify the coaching staff.
  • All parents are expected to display proper sideline behavior. Parents should not yell instructions from the sideline and allow the coaches to properly instruct.
  • Parents are expected  to ensure their player is properly prepared with attire, equipment and ready to play.
  • Parents are required to fulfill financial commitments to the team and club.
  • Players and parents can expect the coaches to be fair and give an honest evaluation of players and maintain good communication.
  • Coaches will promote good sportsmanship and lead by example.
  • Coaches will hold players accountable who do not abide by good sportsmanship, attendance in games and practice sessions.
  • Coaches will work toward, not only the development of the team, but the development of each player.