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Contact Miklos Bognar at 732-421-2237 or email him at for any questions about tryouts for the Revolution.

Want to Form a Team?

​​​We believe soccer should be affordable to everyone. Contact any of the Board Members or check the information on the New Teams tab

The 2019 Spring Season will officially begin March 24. We wish all teams the best of luck and lots of great soccer.

Parents, as soon as the town opens the grass fields we will let you know so you can help set the fields.





Established in 1991, Central New Jersey Silver Bullets is a complete soccer club for boys and girls 18 years and younger.

​Central Jersey Silver Bullets is a club for players and families.  The club is based off the principle that all children should have an opportunity to play travel soccer.  
Central Jersey Silver Bullets allows parents to form their own teams and contract a trainer, at their discretion.  This allows for more flexibility at a much more reasonable price.  Also, you as “owner” of your team can take a much more proactive approach all while having a vested interest in the development of your players. 

Leagues that we are associated with: